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Student council tax discount or exemption

You could be exempt from paying Council Tax if you are

  • a full time student living in a property on your own
  • a full time student living in a property solely with other full time students

You could be entitled to a 25% discount on your Council Tax if all residents are full time students except one other adult who is not a student. If two or more non students occupy a property then there is no reduction.  In most cases, it’s the people who are non students that are liable to pay the Council Tax.

A student’s non British partner or dependant is also not included when we count the number of adults living in your home. If any of the following circumstances apply to you, a member of your household or your property then you may able to claim a discount or exemption.

The following are not classed as students and are therefore liable for Council Tax:

  • people studying at evening classes or
  • courses taken in connection with a person's job, such as day release

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