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Report a problem

This form can be used to contact us about pedestrian crossings, requesting a change to the road layout, road signs and markings, parking issues, council car parks maintenance, traffic lights/signals, speeding problems, cycling and other traffic related issues and concerns.
  • Do not use this form to report a traffic light emergency, please call us on 02038138430.
  • Ensure that you give us as much detail as possible
  • We are unable to enforce speed restrictions or deal with careless driving, these issues should be reported to the police
  • We may contact you for further information
  • We will aim to respond to you within 28 days
  • To find out more info about how we will use your data or information please see our privacy policy page
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Please describe the issue you are reporting, including a description of the location and the action you would like the council to take.
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